Foto Recenti

Le Mie Ultime Ricette


Ingredienti: 250 g di pandispagna 400 g di ricotta 250 g

Tortino di mele e pinoli

Ingredienti per 12 stampini: 2 mele golden 2 uova 130 g

Crostata con carciofi e pancetta all’origano

Ingredienti: 300 g di pasta frolla 6 carciofi freschi 150g di

Filetto di maiale in crosta di agrumi

Ingredienti: 1 filetto di maiale 1 arancia 1/2 limone 20 g


  • Daniella D.

    I wanted to thank you again for a great week of cooking last week.

    I had such a great time. You are an exceptional chef and person, and it was such a pleasure getting to meet you.

  • John W.

    I had a wonderful cooking vacation at Casa Ombuto with the amazing chef Laura.

  • Andrea M.

    My week of cooking with laura has been wonderful. Having a lot of experience with cooking at home I still have learned so much. laura is an excellent teacher and also patient! I will take home so many great memories and cooking skills.

  • L. & N. S.

    We learned so much during the cooking week; Laura is a great teacher and lots of fun!

  • Gabriella F.

    Loved getting to know Laura; the cooking class was amazing and I learned so much!


  • Sylvia M.

    Cooking with Laura is not only educational but an amazing fun adventure!

  • Teddie

    Laura our chef, was wonderful, fun and so informative, not to mention an amazing chef.

  • Zurita

    We had fun learning from the lovely Laura. She is excellent in everything she do.

  • F:

    Laura is an amazing teacher and a wonderful bubbly, adorable person. She is very patient with her students. She is also keen to make sure our technique is proper and she provided all sorts of tips and tricks throughout the week that have already helped my cooking so much back home.

  • Anna

    Laura thank you so much for a wonderful week of cooking. May  you always be in full bloom...under the Tuscan sun!

  • Aleshia

    Laura is amazing!

  • Anne

    Laura is charming, warm, and takes an individual interest in her students.

  • Rosemary

    Our chef Laura Giusti was an excellent teacher, as well as lovely and charming. She made our week very special.

  • Bonny

    Ted and I want to thank you for a wonderful week in Tuscany. You are an amazing chef with a passion and the patience to teach. We look forward to making every dish again. You were a dynamo making sure everything came together as it should for each of your students. We learned to cook but most important, because of you, we became cooks.

  • Ira K.

    I don’t know if you know but LAURA has an extended affectionate family outside of Italy who love her cooking and teaching along with sharing the smiles and laughter in her kitchens. It is a wonderful week to spend with her..

  • Simon

    Laura, I cannot thank you enough for the three day cooking Lesson I had with you in Tuscany, as a chef myself it is incredible to find the hidden secrets behind the proper Italian food that the rest of the world miss out on. If I had more time in Italian on my holiday I would have loved to spent three more days with you, thank you again.